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Rack digunakan untuk menyimpan perangkat di dalam area data center / ruang server.
Rack memiliki beberapa type :

  • Open Rack
Feature :
     ♦ High quality construction and design
     ♦ 19" standard installation
     ♦ Fixed mounting rails, ideal for support of patch panels, 
        termination blocks and other equipments
     ♦ Easy access to cables for moves, add, and changes
     ♦ Various optional accessories according to requirements 
        (cable management, removable working panel, etc)

Specification :
Part NumberSizeWidthHeightDepthWeight
*1U = 4.45cm

  • Closed Rack

  • Wallmounted Rack

Kami juga menjual produk:
- Panduit
- IndoRack

Kami juga menyarankan penggunaan Cold Aisle Containment

Cold Aisle Containment >>> Increase cooling efficiencies by up to 40% !
To reduce energy cost and noise in the data center, you must isolate the hot and cold airflow through each cabinet and the entire room. ABBA-RACK's latest innovation in Aisle Containment has focused on total air isolation which not only reduce energy cost but also optimize power availability.

Airflow Management Under Cold Aisle Containment >>>

Key Feature :
    ♦ Result in improved cooling that significantly increase energy savings.
    ♦ Extends the life of active equipment like switches and servers by reducing the heat load.
    ♦ Provide more cooling with less energy by containing and directing the cold air to where
       it is needed.
    ♦ Helpful to achieve to be a green data centre coorporation & make a contribution towards the