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    CYBERNETYX THINKER CONNECT - Smart Meeting Room - Smart Class Room

    Solusi Cybernetyx Thinker Connect merubah MEETING ROOM, CLASS ROOM anda menjadi lebih interaktif dan siap untuk meeting / kelas jarak jauh.

    Built-in Interactivity with Video Conferencing

    Thinker Connect EQ is the first-of-its-kind solution that offers touch interactivity in video conferencing. The device when clipped on over any standard display or at panel, turns it into touch interactive and enables video conferencing. Integrated with MeetEQ AI-powered Camera and MeetEQ Acoustically Intelligent Mic Array, Thinker Connect augments the productivity in the meeting room manifold.

    Retrofit Solution

    Designed for simplicity and performance, using an easy mount setup, clip Thinker Connect EQ on any standard display or TV and transform it into a collaborative touch interactive whiteboard. The device is compatible with Mac and Windows devices to collaborate seamlessly.

    Pixel-Touch Interactivity

    Experience high-precision writing with multi-touch capability on the shared digital canvas. Thinker Connect EQ delivers the highest touch precision writing experience on the digital canvas, with touch accuracy of +/-2px. So, brainstorm and ideate on an infinite interactive whiteboard through an array of smart tools and online content resources.

    Built-in Search Engine

    Want to pull out a sample Gantt chart or a business process improvement plan from the web? Enter your search query on MyCloud and get the most relevant results in the form of images, videos, and texts, which you can save, download and use directly on the digital canvas.

    Smart Tools

    Right from writing and highlighting in digital ink using different pen tools, converting handwritten texts in digital content, auto shape recognition, unlimited pages with an option of changing background, undo and redo, curtain and spotlight; smart tools assist participants in the best way possible to present their ideas.


    In-built ultra-wide 1080p Camera that gives a wide view of the meeting room to its in-house and remote participants. Its ultra-wide angle delivers an immersive video in the meeting room, marking everyone’s presence with UHD video and audio. This USB powered device is highly compatible with every meeting room size, from huddle room, medium size to big sized meeting room. The AI-powered wide-angle camera understands the environment and responds to it in real-time. It delivers intelligent viewing capabilities such as tagging the participants and auto-framing the speaker and keeping a record for actionable insights.

    Magic Framing

    Vibe AI detects the people and automatically frames them at the best position possible. The smart camera detects people walking into the room. It recognizes facial features and focuses on the people in a meeting room. It automatically frames only the sector of that room that is occupied. The lens zooms in and out whenever it senses motion to adjust the frame accordingly. The transitions are perfectly fluid, delivering a natural video meeting experience. The footage captured is therefore crisp and of high quality.

    Intelligent Microphone Array

    Beamforming MEMS Microphone gives an omnidirectional response and ends the participants’ struggle to be heard by everyone. The powerful MEMS mic array that has a pickup range of 5 meters and can be extended up to 20 meters ensures that the participants do not have to come closer to the mic while talking rather AI-enabled mic array focuses directly on the speaker. The microphone has Voice Activity Detection (VAD) and Direction of Arrival (DOA) feature that focuses the microphone directly on the speaker and suppresses the background noise with Full-duplex Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC).

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