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    Motadata NMS

    Better Manage IT Infrastructure Stack with Network Management Software

    Motadata IIP is the only platform that correlates, integrates and visualizes all sorts of IT infrastructure management and does network monitoring and network management using native apps on a single platform for complete visibility across dynamic IT environment. The Network Management Software (NMS) or Network Monitoring Tool is built for every member of the IT team to monitor, track, and deliver great business services. To provide uninterrupted services, the operational teams need correlated data and multiple integrations for collection, automation & analysis to monitor & visualize critical metrics that allows IT Teams to make more informed decisions. Motadata’s Infrastructure Intelligence Platform (IIP) can help you do just that – CorrelateIntegrate and Analyse IT infrastructure stack.

    Network Management Software Dashboard

    Break Infrastructure Silos Intelligently with All Events, One Platform

    Motadata’s Infrastructure Intelligence Platform (IIP) proactively monitors & optimizes all network devices, servers, and applications across IT infrastructure to manage network for fault and performance for maximum uptime. The platform collects, discovers and indexes data from multiple sources including databases, web servers, containers, virtualizations, URL, cloud services, middleware, etc. The platform enables its users to search, visualize & analyse the data with the help of customizable dashboards and widgets to extract powerful operational intelligence. Motadata uses unique data model to cut through data flood and quickly detect what matters the most to run IT more effectively.

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