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    SecondSite Disaster Recovery

    SecondSite is a real-time disaster recovery replication (DRaaS) solution built on the award-winning Zerto platform that provides recovery site, data synchronisation, accessibility and activation for part or all of your virtual environment.

    SecondSite is the most comprehensive DR solution and will meet the protection requirements of the most critical environments. With data recovery in a little as 5 seconds, you resume your business operations in Zettagrid’s cloud quickly.

    SecondSite pricing based on per VM (Up to 1TB in size). If you have VMs larger than 1TB then each additional 1TB will be charged. Failover testing is included every 90 days. During a failover you will only be charged for the actual compute resourced used.

    Testing and deployment of SecondSite is fast. Performing a full failover takes only a few minutes with next to no impact to your day-to-day business operations. Your users probably won’t even know that you failed over into the cloud..

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