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    Kami bekerjasama dengan FRESHWORK, Inc memberikan solusi IT Service Management (ITSM) berbasis Cloud, dengan menggunakan produk FRESHSERVICE

    Solusi sangat tepat untuk perusahaan yang ingin mengimplementasikan ITSM dengan menggunakan infrastruktur Cloud. Dengan demikian perusahaan cukup berfokus pada implementasi ITSM, tanpa harus sibuk memikirkan infrastrukturnya.

    Fitur selengkapnya :

    Incident Management
    Let users raise tickets via email, self-service portal, phone, or in person. Track, prioritize, assign, and automate resolution processes to drive service desk efficiency.

    SLA Management
    Set multiple SLA policies for creating task deadlines based on different business hours or ticket categories. Easily resolve tickets based on priorities, and automate escalation rules to communicate about SLA violations.

    Knowledge Management
    Create solutions for your incidents, automatically convert it to knowledge base articles, and improve productivity by responding to similar requests with canned responses.

    Service Catalog
    Offer multiple services for different departments through the user-friendly service catalog so users can place and receive requests in no time.

    Set up simple automation functions as well as leverage the built-in capabilities to handle all your manual efforts. Prioritize, categorize, assign and close tickets, send for approvals, and notify agents and users automatically.

    Self-service Portal
    Enable users to look up solutions from the knowledge base even before raising tickets for their issues, and let them raise requests directly from the support portal that can be customized reflect your brand's identity.

    Team Huddle
    Start a conversation with your teammates from within a ticket. Collaborate better with a simple chat-like UI – highlight ticket information, tag a fellow agent or reply to a message.

    Problem Management
    Isolate problems, link it to existing or past incidents, perform root cause analyses with Freshservice's timeline of events, and minimize disruptions to the business.

    Change Management
    Plan, rollback changes at a few clicks and let relevant members evaluate and approve changes. Analyze and mitigate risks by assessing new changes before it's rolled out.

    Release Management
    Plan releases by documenting the build and test plans, set start and end dates to update team members by creating announcements in your Freshservice account.

    Task Management
    Manage projects by organizing them into tasks and nested subtasks, and easily assign them to individual owners. Collaborate and discuss, attach files for context, view dependencies, and use the activity log to monitor progress.

    Real-time Project Dashboard
    Gain complete visibility into all your projects at a glance with our simplified dashboard that shows real-time progress. View all the details you need, keep track of the project timeline, and be notified of deadline violations with our tracking indicator.

    Integrated ITSM Platform
    Track and manage all your assets, tickets, and changes within the single system of your service desk. Plan projects better with integrated modules, and manage all their dependencies and relationships from the single window of your portal.

    Inventory Management
    Keep track of all your IT and non-IT assets in stock or in use. Be it contracts, hardware, software, and other configuration items, evaluate their values, and plan purchases with up-to-date information of all assets.

    Asset Auto-discovery
    Identify all the assets in your organization using the Discovery tools that automatically scan for all hardware and software and periodically update the asset information as well.

    CMDB/ Configuration Management
    Maintain a complete repository of all the assets in the organization with in-depth visibility into how they are connected to each other. Easily identify critical assets, and analyze the impact of incidents and changes.

    Asset Lifecycle Management
    Manage and track all your assets in a single view from anywhere, through all phases – be it procurement, maintenance, depreciation, or disposal. Get a timeline of all events at a glance.

    Contract Management
    Maintain a record of contracts with third-party vendors and be notified about expiries and approvals with the Contract Scheduler.

    Out-of-the-box Reports
    Generate pre-defined reports for incidents, changes, and assets using various filters, or choose from our curated reports. Easily identify bottlenecks, plan your purchases, and schedule reports to be shared.

    Custom Reports
    Easily organize yours insights into tailored reports to stay on top of SLAs and service desk performance. View real-time data as presentations or schedule periodic email reports.

    Cross-Module reports
    View reports based on their impact, group, type, association, or department to easily monitor service desk performance, identify problems, and make decisions within the business.

    Interactive Visualizations
    A data visualization engine automatically recommends the optimal way to present your data. Alternatively, you can browse interactive visualizations with Smartboards. Easily break down insights, plan better, and improve your performance.

    Natural Language Querying
    Ask questions about your service desk data instantly using the Natural Language Querying engine. Build custom visualizations, add filters, and even ask questions using a search bar. No training required.

    Kontak kami untuk membantu implementasi ITSM berbasis Cloud di perusahaan Anda, dengan menggunakan produk FRESHSERVICE.

    Informasi produk : www.freshservice.com

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