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    It’s not an easy time to be in IT. The recent developments with COVID-19 have pushed organisation to adopt Digital and added an extra layer of unexpected complexity.  If you are stuck with disjointed, legacy platforms its time to move to a modern Unified IT ops platform & monitor the health and performance of your applications, databases and server infrastructure all at one place.

    If you are new to remote monitoring and are managing a larger-than-ever remote workforce, Motadata Unified monitoring platform can help you
    Monitor VPN Traffic
    Get real-time visibility into your VPN logs to detect issues before they impact your users’ connectivity.
    Ensure Maximum Availability
    Make sure that the apps your remote workforce relies on are working properly.
    IT Security is always a Priority
    Save your network from hacking attempts with constant monitoring of logs.
    Prevent Downtime
    Make sure that your apps and rest of the infrastructure is working properly.
    Manage Capacity Smartly
    Due to the surge in demand IT teams are under pressure, help them with IT monitoring. 
    Monitor your Remote Sites
    Monitor your branches, data centers etc. from one single dashboard sitting at home.
    Click here to learn more about Motadata Remote Management & Monitoring tools ; we’re here to help.

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