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    Webinar How Motadata Monitoring and Management Platform enables Smart City Projects in India - 25 Ags 2020


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    Smart cities world over are harnessing technology for a modern city where communication technology, PA systems, CCTV cameras, sensors and other health and safety devices play a key role in managing the cities resources and improving citizens lives. 

    Smart cities consist of multiple, interconnected networks of remote sensors and endpoints that continually record and exchange data. The sheer volume of data and the complexity of the many interconnected networks involved, making it a daunting challenge for any network administrator, Network Monitoring is a essential for effective management of a smart city network.

    In this Industry Insights webinar, you will discover how many Indian Smart Cities have benefited by employing Motadata's Smart City Monitoring & management solution.

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      Webinar Agenda

      • Motadata Company Overview
      • Motadata Solution for Smart Cities 
      • Smart City Case Studies
      • Demo by Pre-sales Expert
      • Q/A

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