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     Identity360 extends MFA support to Windows devices!

    Strengthen endpoint security with Identity360's MFA. Reduce password vulnerabilities, prevent cyberattacks, and secure machine access to ensure data security. Secure your endpoints now 

    Are weak passwords exposing your organization to attacks?
    Learn how you can enhance password hygiene and protect your business against credential-based attacks by screening compromised user passwords. Screen breached passwords 

    Introducing AD backup, recovery, and change rollback in ADAudit Plus                                    
    You can now automate backup and recovery for your AD objects (including GPOs, Schema objects, DNS objects, group memberships, Bitlocker keys, and more) and rollback unwanted changes, all with just a few clicks. Delve deeper  

    Are you breached on the dark web?
    Log360 empowers you to actively monitor the dark web for leakage of sensitive data such as employee credentials and financial information, enabling you to prevent breaches and mitigate potential supply chain risks. Explore now 

    First Columbia Bank masters Active Directory management with ADManager Plus
    First Columbia Bank achieved secure AD task delegation with ADManager Plus, allowing precise assignments without granting admin access. ADManager Plus also enhanced reporting, providing detailed insights that boosted their IT team's productivity and control over their AD environment. Find out how

    Enhance your core ITSM practices and maximize productivity with powerful Workflows
    ServiceDesk Plus' workflow automation and orchestration capabilities just got a lot more powerful. In addition to the change and release workflows, we are excited to extend the workflow capabilities to incidents, service requests, problems, and assets. From simple task management to complex orchestrations, you can now build end-to-end, automated workflows on a single, visual drag-and-drop canvas. Learn more.

    Unified Endpoint Management 
    A fatal retweet!
    The personal data of over 400 million users was stolen and put up for sale on the dark net a day after Christmas. Learn how the newest attack on Twitter teaches us a lesson on cybersecurity. Learn more

    Mobile Device Manager Plus empowers UFCW 227 to help frontline workers. Read full story

    Kiosk Setup Made Easy 
    A Step-by-Step Checklist to seamlessly and securely provision devices in kiosk mode. Download now

    IT Operations Management

    [Free e-book] Don't lose your data! Learn the best practices to manage your storage devices
    Struggling with network slowdowns due to storage issues? Our e-book unveils the secrets to achieving optimal performance and reliability for your storage systems. Discover how OpManager can further streamline storage monitoring. Download your free copy today! 

    Applications Manager: [Blog] How to monitor Apache web server performance metrics  
    Explore the essential metrics for Apache monitoring, and discover optimization strategies to ensure your web server operates at its peak efficiency. Learn more 

    [Blog] Real-time, continuous DevOps monitoring: Why it matters and how to go about it
    Understand the benefits of DevOps practices and how you can build, implement a robust monitoring strategy. Learn more 

    NetFlow Analyzer: Introducing network visualisation with Network Map  
    Get a visually illustrated view of your network devices and utilize Discovery mechanism to export and enable flow for all non-flow enabled devices. Learn more

    Simplified IP address management with OpUtils  
    Experience streamlined IP address management, maximise resource utilization, and gain real-time visibility. Explore now 

    OpManager Plus - [Whitepaper] Full-stack observability: Implementation, benefits, and ROI  
    Does your organization struggle with siloed data, application blind spots, and a lack of ITOps visibility? Full-stack observability is the answer. Download our latest white paper to learn more. Download now

    OpManager: [Free E-book] Enhance performance and reliability of your storage systems
    Elevate your knowledge of storage monitoring with this free e-book, and learn how OpManager streamlines the process, making storage monitoring hassle-free. Download the free e-book! 

    NetFlow Analyzer: [e-book] Network traffic analysis for today's IT  
    Discover the untold challenges of integrating new tech in your IT and learn how traffic analysis remits digitization. Get the free copy now! Download now 

    OpUtils: [Blog] Achieve complete network visibility: Real-time IP scanning and beyond with OpUtils!
    Effortlessly scan your network in real-time, obtain a comprehensive overview of your IT assets, and swiftly identify rogue devices, – all within a single, intuitive console. Learn more 

    Network Configuration Manager: [Tech Topic] Staying ahead of firmware breaches  
    Learn in detail on how you can maintain a vulnerability-free network. Know more 

    Leverage PAM360's connectors to embed PAM actions in your applications
    Integrate PAM360's capabilities by embedding SDKs/APIs in your applications and seamlessly trigger 45+ privileged actions. Using PAM360's SCIM connectors, you can integrate with SCIM supported business applications including your IGA tools and IAM tools, to streamline user management and access provisioning. Learn more.

    Site24x7: Achieve operational efficiency through Azure observability    
    Discover ways to attain end-to-end visibility into your ever-evolving Azure environment. Adopt neo-observable measures to diversify your monitoring and eliminate operational silos. Download now!

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