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    Expertly Manage Your Cloud
    Leverage simple yet powerful analytics to lower cloud costs and assure performance.

    Control Costs and Optimize Cloud Resources
    Leverage deep visibility and intelligent recommendations to manage cloud billing and capacity usage

    A Single Platform for Cloud Management


    Eliminate Performance Risks
    See performance bottlenecks coming — before they affect clients and SLAs — with multi-conditional alerting powered by advanced anomaly detection. Ensure a healthy cloud environment and maximum uptime as you right-size with confidence.


    Match Capacity to Workload
    Don’t rely on guesswork in planning your resources. Provide actionable sizing recommendations per workload by applying CloudWisdom’s deep analytics to capacity utilization across all cloud computing dimensions.


    Make AWS Truly Cost Effective
    Utilize CloudWisdom’s recommendation tools and live expert advice to achieve public cloud billing that’s cost-effective — but doesn’t risk performance. Get reporting on cost and usage trends, plan reserved instance purchases, and stop wasting money

    See Everything in One Place
    Get detailed reports and analysis, including real-time sizing and optimization recommendations, all in a single CloudWisdom interface.

    Billing Analysis
    Idle Resource Reports
    Sizing Recommendations
    Reservation Recommendations
    Emailed Reports
    Real-time Notifications

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