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    PRTG SLA Plugin


    PRTG SLA Plugin v3 - New features

    Combine data accross multiple PRTG installations into single SLA.

    Now its possible to give access to specific SLA groups and / or company reports.

    Each SLA could be enabled for public access to allow your customers or key person to view specific SLA report with direct link without authentication.

    Create SLA report for any date range using custom date selection.

    Send reports on defined time for any reporting period to whomever you need.

    With Filters you can now define rules for automatic SLA object inclusion. Any new sensor in PRTG fitting your rules is automatically included in your SLAs.

    Improved data visualization and added valuable data and calculation to all SLA views and reports.


    Add sensors to your Service Level Agreements using our PRTG one-to-one tree view component, which enables you to find any object with ease.

    Kontak tim kami untuk membantu Anda : dcmsales@dayaciptamandiri.com

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