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    Watch Recording Indonesia Cloud and Datacenter Digital Summit 9 Dec 2020

    Our CEO join as panelist speaker at “Indonesia Cloud & Datacenter Digital Summit” 9 Des 2020

    ➡️ , PT Telkom Indonesia
    ➡️ Ted Hilbert, Digital Transformation Evangelist
    ➡️ SpaceDC
    ➡️ Electronic Science Indonesia
    ➡️ Piller Power Systems
    ➡️ Northstar Group
    ➡️ ZNet Technologies Private Limited
    ➡️ PT. Sigma Cipta Caraka (Telkomsigma)
    ➡️ Daryl Dunbar, Consultant
    ➡️ Jakarta Smart City
    ➡️ The Jakarta Post
    ➡️ PT Bank KEB Hana Indonesia
    ➡️ H1 Systems LLC
    ➡️ Dr. OTI - On Track Innovations
    ➡️ , ICT Practitioner

    If you missed it, you can stream below! And lastly, a big thank you to our sponsors: Piller Power SystemsSpaceDCTelkom IndonesiaH1 Systems LLC, BlomTEQ, PowerShield Limited & Onion Technology Pte Ltd!!

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